Giggles Unlimited


It is not fun to wake up at 2 am to take a pill for a splitting headache. The scene is worse when you toss and turn in pain, and the rest of the family is in deep and peaceful slumber. Caught in such a situation last week, my mind idly traveled around, and I happened to remember a series of funny episodes that could have well given a writer some fresh material for a sitcom!

The odd and even characters here are all a likable lot, and I have no malice towards any of them. I myself have had many such moments when I had acted foolish. It’s just that someone else will do a better job in mixing the colors to paint my acts.

My wedding, almost twenty five years ago, was a pretty long one with endless ceremonies and rituals. By the time it ended, I was really fagged out. In the middle of all the exhaustion, I couldn’t help being amused after hearing a comment. A neighbor having the reputation for striking polite conversations, while exchanging pleasantries, told my husband that she was glad he had dropped by. That was indeed the limit for courteous talk! What on earth was she thinking? If the groom had not turned up on the wedding day, the news would have been the talk of the town!

Foot-and-mouth disease among cattle is a serious issue, but it can be equally grave when you have your foot in your mouth all the time. This is pretty common with a friend of mine who takes an active interest in political developments and gets too emotionally involved. Right after a state election, jubilant at the victory of the candidate she supported, she asked an employee in her office a week later if he had voted. When he replied that he could not as he had to go out of state because his father had passed away, she commented “Oh goodness! Your father had really chosen a bad time to die!”

Common sense totally fails us at times. Someone I know shared how she invited herself to be the butt of laughter in her fiancé‘s family. Her prospective mother-in-law was telling her how at 62, she looked so old while her twin sister maintained herself very well. Without thinking twice, the senseless question was posed, “By the way, how old is your twin sister?”

Technology has made our lives easier, but it can hurt too! While emailing and texting, the autocompletion and autocorrect features are at our service. That can be a menace at times. While emailing a classmate with the same name as his boss, my cousin was perhaps being absent-minded and had okayed the name of the wrong recipient, so the note went to his boss instead of his friend. The autocompletion feature had prompted the names. It was very embarrassing because in the mail, he had complained to his friend about what a nagging person his boss was. Thankfully, his boss was a nice soul and had a good sense of humor! He did not hold any grievances and instead wrote back “The account about me was pretty descriptive. Good job!”

My husband’s close friend was narrating an incident about his wife. What can be a worse faux-pas than going to attend a wedding and confusing between the groom and his brother, that too after having seen the boys literally grow up since childhood right before her eyes? At the elevator, right before the reception, she made the groom’s jaw drop after mistaking him to be the brother and confidently telling him that with the elder sibling being now married, it was his turn to tie the knot next year!

I could have been able to wrack my brains and remember more hilarious incidents, but I don’t know when the pain medication started working and I fell asleep to wake up fresh several hours later.

Our mannerisms and conversations do not have to be perfect at all times! Without slip-ups, there is no room for humor, and life becomes very drab and boring. As long as the intentions are pure and spite is at bay, our goof-ups add the extra dose of sugar and spice to create a fun flavor in our lives!

2 thoughts on “Giggles Unlimited

  1. Good read. Laughter’s the best medicine, after all 😊 And we don’t even need a prescription!

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