Catching Some Shut-Eye


The age-old adage “Eat, drink, be merry” conveys a satisfying image of life unfettered by obstacles and complications. Lately, I have started feeling that one more word should have been incorporated in the saying. The missing verb is “sleep”. With the habit of hitting the hay really late at night, I very rarely get those 8 hours usually recommended. So I had never quite paid much attention to its importance, in spite of having acknowledged its role for a healthy lifestyle. However, after seriously reflecting on a string of varied scenarios, I have begun to realize its reigning influence in our day-to-day routine.

The firsthand proof made its way in the last few minutes. Not having slept well last night because of a headache, I have yawned a zillion times while settling down to gather my thoughts and jot them down. As a result, I have made very slow progress. I am now thinking of a coffee break to wake myself up!

Fifteen minutes later, here I am, back in front of the computer screen to share my thoughts about sleep. No trip can be as exciting as flying 10, 000 miles to see one’s family. But the fun does not truly begin until the biological clock is stable. Nothing can be as frustrating as waking up at 2 AM in the morning and desperately waiting for the sun to rise. My memory is still fresh about sleeping through the first half of a movie that I had gone to see a day after reaching home. I had not adjusted in the new time zone.

A young mom wanted me to get my facts straightened before I described her newborn as a lovable, huggable bundle. She described her little one as a grumpy, cranky, ill-tempered imp. The reason behind this unflattering certification was related to the fact that the infant woke up every day a couple of hours after midnight and stayed wide awake for the next several hours. So Mommy’s sleepless nights have become an everyday affair.

In an all-females heart-to-heart conversation, one of the topics centered on sleep deprivation. With all apologies and due respect to the people who have erred unknowingly and unintentionally, I honestly confess that my sympathies lie with those wives who have their sleep completely disrupted, courtesy the snoring of their beloved husbands. While one wife compared the snoring to a lion’s roar, another said it competed with a zooming motorcycle. Both victims shared how they shifted to a different room in the middle of the night.

And here comes the icing on the cake. A friend laughed about how during a short 7-day family vacation, her college-going son sacrificed a visit to the Vatican and exploration of beautiful Italian landscapes in lieu of a few hours of peaceful siesta. During the entire trip, afternoon naps always had priority over sight-seeing.

I’m pretty surprised why I ended up with a piece on sleep. But then, we all need to catch some z’s to function healthy and of course to maintain our sanity! Worth sharing is a funny quote from Olympic gold medalist and heavyweight champion George Foreman: “I think sleeping was my problem in school. If school had started at four in the afternoon, I’d be a college graduate today.” So for all you folks who can’t wait to get some nice sleep, I hope you can tuck in for sweet dreams!

4 thoughts on “Catching Some Shut-Eye

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The late PA Sangma who came to our college for an Annual Day lecture said that his only wish was for a good night’s sleep. At my age I too feel that good sleep is essential for wellbeing.

  2. Wow! I agree wholeheartedly, Rashmi. I have always been the proverbial “night owl” even as a child. I always find it hard to go to bed and when I was younger, hard to get up in the morning. As I’ve gotten older, it’s still hard to get to bed early, but I find I just can’t sleep as late which means I’m not getting the rest I need. I keep reading how sleep is so important to a healthy life, and your blog post has reminded me that I need to work on that! Thanks for a great post, as usual!

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