Warm Wisdom Post Irksome Illness


A not very pleasant music played around in the house at regular intervals. The musicians were my niece Naini, my son, and myself. If anyone’s wondering what genre of music I am talking about, let me be honest that I’m being rather sarcastic. My twenty-two year-old kiddo was the forerunner who unintentionally had passed on a cold to the two of us. In quite a rhythmic pattern, we were all having our bouts of coughing!

Not losing the chance to impart his wisdom, my better half remarked not once but several times that what had happened to me was uncalled for. Had I stayed away from showering those warm gestures of motherly affection, the infection would not have spread to me, and I would have been spared  the illness! Can Daddy be ever wrong? Well, to be fair he was not totally incorrect. Maternal fondness can be temporarily halted on health grounds. I happened to be the worst victim with a very bad cold obstinately refusing to leave my side! The problem was aggravated by inflamed sinuses that made the entire situation worse!

Free advice is something very readily available on this earth. Suggestions for natural homemade remedies came flowing in by plentiful amounts. From the certified yoga teacher who regularly took health updates to friends and relatives, everyone had their two cents to offer. At times, one suggestion blatantly contradicted the other. But in the midst of all, honey stood out as the ever popular elixir!

Wisdom earned through experience sans books is undoubtedly the best knowledge that can be obtained. And I sure had some share of it in a little over a week!

I believe in gender equality, yet I adhere to the old school of thought that women manage the house more efficiently. I am not comfortable delegating to others. Down with the illness and not being able to function in the normal way, it itched me to perform my everyday cleaning tasks. Obviously, I could not, and the world did not fall apart. The first realization saw its light of day. A speck of dust here and there will not amount to violating cleanliness standards. Life will still go on if once in a while the papers and envelopes collected from the mail box lie in a clutter on the cabinet counter. There is absolutely no point in freaking out about it. Postponing laundry chores for a day or two is perfectly fine because we will end up finding at least something to wear.

Having to think what to make and preparing every meal for the family can be boring at times because it is another one of those mundane chores that goes on and on. However, it is a diametrically opposite feeling when you don’t get to cook at all. The man of the house volunteered to take over in all sincerity, but with already too much on his plate, I wanted to spare him the burden. The food was brought from outside.

Surprisingly, the kids, who are always open to eating out, ceased being excited after a few meals were being ordered in. As much as he is a big fan of dining out, my son confessed that under the circumstances of Mommy being sick, it didn’t feel right to be thrilled about the restaurant food. My niece didn’t quite have an appetite. She did not show too much interest in the Chinese food which usually is on her list of favorite cuisines. But whether it FINALLY dawned on the duo that home-cooked meals are the best is a totally different question that needs to be addressed later!

Speaking for myself, I was desperate to go back to cooking. I yearned for simple vegetarian meals, and all thanks to my friends Pri and Sush, I relished the dishes they prepared!

In the recent past, I had thought to myself several times about how I wished the day had just a couple of extra hours so that I could finish the list of jobs on my agenda. Lying in bed, I realized I have to retract  what I had said earlier. Every minute seemed to stretch to infinity. The nights especially seemed to last forever as I tossed and turned, unable to grab some sleep. A lesson for the future: instead of indulging in wishful thinking that the day had 26 hours instead of 24, I should prioritize my tasks, not waste time, and not aim to be super ambitious to achieve everything.

I often crib about not getting to rest while balancing and juggling through myriads of chores. As much as I would love some free time, I have accepted the fact that enforced rest due to illness is a torture too!

Mommy dear has once again emerged to be the winner and has proved that mothers care for you the most! My coughing deters me from talking to her at length, so she definitely needs to check on me several times with continuous messaging! When WhatsApp on her phone goes haywire and she is unable to send me messages, she gets a new phone.

I desperately longed to bid goodbye to the nasty cold which had to be treated with 2 doctor consultations and strong doses of antibiotics. Life is slowly returning to normalcy. The cacophony of the menacing cough is still heard but not as frequently. A slight variation of the motto “Simple living, high thinking” emerges. I raise a toast to “Simple eating and healthy living”. Post illness, I stand two weeks older, a few pounds heavier (thanks to a complete stop to workouts), and, if not a whole lot, at least a little wiser!

16 thoughts on “Warm Wisdom Post Irksome Illness

  1. Another well written and wise post! Even though I sometimes crave a bit more time resting, like you I find it hard to rest when I’m ill! So glad you are feeling better!

  2. Enjoyed reading it. Nowadays I try to stop myself dispensing free advice because I’ve begun to have doubts about whether I really know what I’m talking about. We don’t have any answers, I think.

  3. A pleasure to read your article and yes our kids will never admit directly that mommies are the best but their actions at least show their dissatisfaction…get better soon

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