Save Yourself the Embarrassment!

children-cute-daylight-1470110Our kids mean the world to us. The very first time we hold that tiny bundle in our arms, our lives instantly change. There is no doubt that our children bring immense joy to us. But there are moments when these little tykes, dipped in their innocence, might embarrass us too! This is an inseparable part of parenthood. There will be many more tips, but I have come up with my five that parents need to follow to avoid being embarrassed by their adorable darlings.

  1. No matter how harmless it may be, do not lie in front of your child. Once, an auto-rickshaw driver charged my friend an exorbitant rate. She told him that he was asking for way too much because she had come to that same place the previous day and paid a much lower amount. Pat came the reply from her four-year-old: “No, Mama, we did not!”
  2. Do not gossip when your kid is around. At times, they only get bits and pieces of what you are talking, and give a distorted version of the conversation right in front of the person you were discussing.
  3. It is a big mistake to even argue with your spouse when the child is listening. Even a mild argument seems like a fight to them. A couple who was very happily married had their daughter announcing in a party, “My parents fight all the time.”
  4. Most moms feel their children are fussy eaters. But don’t open your mouth to say that your child doesn’t like a particular food when someone serves him or her something that she never touches at home. You will be embarrassed when that food is gulped in seconds as the most delicious thing on earth.
  5. It’s the age of smart phones, and your kids are tech-savvy. If you do not want to call a friend you had a tiff with, erase that number from the contacts list. While playing with that “toy”, your child might accidentally end up dialing the number of that person you have been avoiding for months.

I have shared some of my tips. Feel free to share yours too. Being a mommy is endless fun!

This article was earlier featured in TODAY’s BEST  section in MOMSPRESSO

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