Free Advice That You Do Not Like to Hear


We all need advice from someone or the other to get a good grip on our lives. It is wrong to assume that we can always make a good judgment by ourselves. However, there are times when a piece of advice given to us can be very annoying, and it’s also a fact that free, unwanted advice comes in plentiful amounts in this universe. Let me explore five scenarios that are pretty common.

  1. It’s totally up to a couple to decide how many children they want to have. You may want to have just one child for your personal reasons, but there comes this slice of advice from someone who may be the last person you would otherwise consult: “You need to have a second child; otherwise your kid will be very lonely in life”. Well as parents, you are definitely thinking more about your child than this individual who is giving you his or her expert opinion.
  2. It’s “almost” a universal truth that most women do not like to be told that they have put on weight. You may be trying your very best to lose those extra pounds, but when someone very slim and fit herself senses your weakness and suggests, “Walking and yoga might help you!”, it really gets on to your nerves.
  3. Your mother-in-law is not too happy that you believe heavily in retail therapy. After your shopping spree, the counseling is offered that it is very important to save for the future and not spend too much on unnecessary things. There is a grain of truth in what Mommy dear is saying, but it’s not the advice you are looking for.
  4. One might be focused on her career and may be doing very well in life. Marriage may not be on her mind yet. A nosy neighbor, aunt, or some other relative comes in with the unsolicited advice: “You need to think about marriage so that everything else happens at the correct time.”
  5. A child turns out to be a brat and embarrasses the parents in front of others. It’s very easy to play the blame game with one spouse telling the other, “You have spoiled him too much and let him have his way!” The ranting ends with the unwanted two cents: “You need to discipline him from now onwards!” The smart spouse has forgotten that parenting needs both the father and the mother to teach the child, not just one!

You just can’t stop unwanted free advice from filling your ears. The choice is entirely yours: either follow the advice or just ignore it. There’s no point fretting and fuming over it and making your blood pressure rise. So take a deep breath and simply RELAX!!!

5 thoughts on “Free Advice That You Do Not Like to Hear

  1. Yes, that kind of advice, while maybe well intentioned, is never what you want to hear. Personally, I think advice is best when asked for rather than unsolicited! Excellent thoughts on this subject, Rashmi!

  2. Yes I have been advised how to bring up my child and now as adults how I need to make my children independent!
    Good article Rashmi

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