Welcoming the New Year With Hope

Image source: Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels

We embark on a journey on the threshold of every new year as we get ready to bid the old one adieu. Marching forward, we nurture the desire to bask in the glory of new beginnings that promise us happier days. 

Looking back in retrospect, a thought immediately strikes the mind: Life has changed dramatically for mankind in the last couple of years due to the pandemic. Precious lives have been lost, peace and tranquillity have been at stake, and at times, the future has seemed totally uncertain.

It is not possible to ignore the reality that the crisis still exists. Yet life must go on, and we need to build up strength and resilience to brave the storm.

It is always hope and positivity that keep us alive, fill our days with joy, and beautifully define our existence on earth. As we welcome 2022, let us focus on everything wonderful that we see around us, be grateful for every blessing we have been bestowed with, and strive to spread love and compassion among our fellow beings! 

Happiness is what we can create for ourselves in more ways than one. Here’s to wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. On this momentous occasion, I have penned a poem laced with the theme of harnessing optimism for the sake of a brighter universe.

Glad Tidings for the New Year

A long pause it is to ponder 
before reaching the finish line.
In retrospection, the gaze freezes
on the bygone days, 
as emotions encircle and engulf.
A question perplexes,
causing a conflict,
while seeking an answer 
to ease the mind.
Were they the waves
of love or hate,
hope or despair,
calm or restlessness,
pleasure or pain?
Was it triumph or defeat
that wove the history
of the human race?
A picture emerges 
on the horizon.
A beautiful story unfolds
as teeming multitudes walk the ground.
The crisp air, the colorful blooms, 
the happy faces all unite
striving to build a world,
joyful and sublime!
Showers of blessed ecstasy descend,
as the eye and ear catch
those pleasant sights and sounds.
The first cry of the newborn,
the warmth of a gentle hug,
the radiance of a bright smile,
the tears of joy streaming down the cheeks,
the kindness of a helping hand, 
and the magical melodies
light the planet with vibrant hues!
Even in the storm,
the tide of happiness
will never cease
to caress the earth,
for it’s an old gospel, 
yet no less true!
So amidst the clouds,
let us trace 
the golden hues
that light our souls.
Nestling them 
in a gentle embrace,
let us take the steps
to welcome a year
fragrant and new!

(This article was featured in Women’s Web )


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