Havas Guruhi: When Music Crosses Borders

Image Source: facebook.com Poised with confidence, a young man in the spring of 2019 beautifully sang the iconic Bengali patriotic song  Akla Cholo Re, penned by Rabindranath Tagore. The venue was the Embassy of Bangladesh in Tashkent. The year before, with equal ease, he presented at a Delhi concert, among other melodies, his rendition of Mukesh’s evergreen hit Awara Hoon from the 1951 film Awara. … Continue reading Havas Guruhi: When Music Crosses Borders

And They Wait

The parched earth prays in deep earnest, wishing for the showers to quench her thirst. Gazing at the canvas, the artist nurtures the dream of that masterpiece soon to be born. Failing once, twice, many a time, the little birdie loses not the tenacious resolve to spread its wings and fly. Mending the broken chords, she looks again to make magical melodies yet another time. … Continue reading And They Wait

Free Advice That You Do Not Like to Hear

We all need advice from someone or the other to get a good grip on our lives. It is wrong to assume that we can always make a good judgment by ourselves. However, there are times when a piece of advice given to us can be very annoying, and it’s also a fact that free, unwanted advice comes in plentiful amounts in this universe. Let … Continue reading Free Advice That You Do Not Like to Hear

Exciting Indian Street Food:Botiwalla

Gossip, laughter, and filmy talks, spiced up with street-side food, constitute an interesting segment of college days. The chatpatta chaat, the gol-gappas, the bhelpuri and the pav-bhaji help to take the mind off from the pressure of studies and the ranting of those cranky professors. Fast-forwarding from those student days, the taste still lingers in our mouths, and we cannot forget those delicious treats! It’s … Continue reading Exciting Indian Street Food:Botiwalla

Remembering a Music Legend: Khayyam Saab

In less than a week, India lost two of her gems. First it was talented actor Vidya Sinha, and then it was legendary music composer and Padma Bhushan laureate Mohammed Zahur Khayyam Hashmi. Popularly known as Khayyam, the rich granary of Indian music contains his melodious creations that posterity will treasure down the ages. It is always a daunting task to write about any individual … Continue reading Remembering a Music Legend: Khayyam Saab

My Thoughts: A Humble Tribute to Vidya Sinha

The year was 1974, and I had gone to watch a movie with my parents. I was too young then to grasp the sum and substance of the film. But there were two things that left a mark, and the impressions cease to fade even 45 years later. One was a pleasant melody that kept ringing in my ears; the other was the image of … Continue reading My Thoughts: A Humble Tribute to Vidya Sinha

Save Yourself the Embarrassment!

Our kids mean the world to us. The very first time we hold that tiny bundle in our arms, our lives instantly change. There is no doubt that our children bring immense joy to us. But there are moments when these little tykes, dipped in their innocence, might embarrass us too! This is an inseparable part of parenthood. There will be many more tips, but … Continue reading Save Yourself the Embarrassment!