The Pungent Smell

Traversing the miles, uprooting from that distant village, he barely thinks about them all till a pungent smell brings back those years, all the same, once again. Playing one after another, the scenes zoom in his mind’s eye, never seeming to stop. A paradox towers; albeit sweet musings, they only make him see his wretched self. Moments dipped in dewey-fresh innocence carried fragrant hopes when … Continue reading The Pungent Smell

An Evening With the Star

Intelligence, commitment, passion, versatility, good looks: he has them all. What tightly cements these qualities to build his tall tower of accomplishments is modesty, that admirable virtue that sometimes ceases to exist in an individual reaching his level of success. But he is different from the rest, for this powerhouse of talent is humility personified. I am talking about none other than the immensely gifted … Continue reading An Evening With the Star

Taking Liberty to be Lazy

Exaggeration at times does add that special comic flavor and spice to a conversation. However, I am not guilty as charged. In no way have I inflated any of the incidents in these anecdotes. A mom once shared how she served canned peaches and oranges to her three-year-old twin boys because she felt lazy to cut fresh fruits. To ease the burden of mopping and … Continue reading Taking Liberty to be Lazy

Silent Musings Down Memory Lane

Groggy and jet-lagged, I tip-toed downstairs to the kitchen. Grabbing a cup of coffee to beat the tiredness, I looked out through the window. The backyard donned a new look. The camellia bush and cherry blossoms were in full bloom, signaling that spring is on its way. It was a bare landscape just a few days ago when I left home. My 22-year-old son, getting … Continue reading Silent Musings Down Memory Lane