Anything Under the Sun


Nagging as annoying as it can be, also has the potential to stir many a lazy bone. is a result of the constant urgings of my better half who has always asked me to write. He has literally been over my shoulders, pushing me to put down my thoughts into words. I am so thankful to him for repeatedly bugging me and leading me to finally take the plunge!

My entries are dedicated to my family, especially those two human beings to whom I owe my very existence. Frail and physically weak in his eighty-plus years, my father still believes the sky is the limit and encourages us all to aim for it. “You only fail when you give up!” That’s what Papa abides by.

A wonder woman, my mother has embraced the joys and upheavals in her life with equal acceptance. She has endured pains by always seeing a silver lining in the distant cloud. Ma has crossed seven decades of her life. I see the dark circles under her eyes becoming darker every year, her skin losing its radiance; she is no longer the pretty woman she used to be. But she is the strongest and the most beautiful human being within! If I have ever learned the lessons of empathy, love, and forgiveness, they are from Ma!

Anything under the sun that catches my fancy and interests me will find its way here. I am no celebrity, and daily happenings in my life will be of no interest to my readers. However I intend to share thoughts and situations that are so common to us all in the quotidian actuality of human existence. So here’s a toast to circulating recipes of life with the mixed dashes of sugar, salt, and spice!

2 thoughts on “Anything Under the Sun

  1. A fascinating trip of the exuberance of life as well as the pathos blended with a stunning flair

  2. Fascinating mix of topics…Rashmi has proved she can write just about anything under the sun with such finesse!

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