An Enslaved Mind

(Translation of  the short story “Gulaam” by Sourobh Kumar Chaliha in Assamese ) “The children beam with joy when it snows in Guwahati in the months of November and December. Roads, roof-tops, flowers, trees and vehicles – everything gets covered with snow. It is as if the town becomes clad in a single white garment. The … More An Enslaved Mind

The Baby

He ducked his head through the sliding door of the room filled with the whiff of that Lancôme fragrance she always wore. She is pretty, he thought. Perhaps she had heard it umpteen times from endless souls. Even under the spell of anesthesia, with her hair all across her face, the blue shadow caked in … More The Baby

The Excursion

I have been here for a week and intend to leave in a couple of days. Perhaps never to return. Rohit and Reema have been asking me to stay longer. I have been declining their request. I don’t despise them. Rohit and Reema are a wonderful couple, I have been enveloped in the warmth of … More The Excursion

Living The Hollywood Dream: A Profile On Raja Deka

The courage to face challenges by stepping out of a secure ambience and translating one’s dreams into reality is what makes life more meaningful and worthy of appreciation. It is only by plunging into the depths of the more competitive and complex world that we realize our potential and discover our limitations. At times, pleasant … More Living The Hollywood Dream: A Profile On Raja Deka