When Silence Tells

The azure sky changed into a garment of orangish-red as the sun setting in the horizon mutely signaled the end of the day. The dogwood blossoms fell to the ground, spreading a white carpet around the trunk. They planned to exit in silence, to come back again the next year. To adorn the garden, the … More When Silence Tells

Winter Snippets

Icicles, frost, sub-zeroes, chill, blizzard, freeze: like any other year, these words have adorned the winter glossary yet again. What carries an air of excitement with them is undoubtedly the mention of “snow”. More so for those who do not get to see it that often. Any time when I talk to people and say … More Winter Snippets

As the Wives Say

Several years ago, I frantically cried during transit at Frankfurt airport after having lost a ring in the flight from India. My innocent 8-year-old joined in unison and seemed as miserable. I had grown up hearing that losing gold is a bad omen. Later, a much older cousin advised that I needn’t worry because it … More As the Wives Say