Luck by Chance

Stranded at the airport in a new country after a 14-hour journey with luggage misplaced is a situation clouded with an infinite degree of annoyance. But when a good Samaritan arrives on the scene to help you and when that individual eventually becomes your life partner with whom you share years of marital bliss, the … More Luck by Chance

Morning Glory

Opening the blinds of the kitchen window, looking out into the yard, I let the golden rays bathe my space as the story unfolds. A lady dressed in red and green poses in joie de vivre. She’s Camellia in full bloom. In their white, spotless attire caressed by the morning breeze, stand the cherry blossoms … More Morning Glory

The Fairest of Us All

A four-year-old enhancing her vocabulary and taking a fancy to pronouncing big terminology adds, among others, the words ‘bioluminescent’ and ‘discrimination’ to her list. While the science project in pre-school summer camp gave her some rough idea that ‘bioluminescent’ was related to light, she in her pure childhood innocence was totally ignorant about what ‘discrimination’ … More The Fairest of Us All

Loving Thoughts

Invisible to the naked eye Lovingly nestled in the chambers of my heart, I have preserved those yarns. The strands that strongly bind the pearls of those precious times. Safely have I guarded them, I cannot let go those bits and pieces soaked in joy, the sweetness of that bond. For I know they are … More Loving Thoughts