Guiding Hands

Sidd sent me from Vancouver a beautiful picture of her tyke on his first day of school, holding up a colorful poster describing himself. Little ZeeZee started kindergarten last Tuesday. It’s an important milestone for him as he puts his foot forward to begin his educational journey. He loves his teacher from day 1. Soaked … More Guiding Hands

Family Flavors

Pri and I are friends and share all the happenings in our mundane lives. Several times, she has edged me to do a blog post on a certain mannerism of our better halves. Lona, my much younger cousin, pitched in, saying she can provide a plethora of personal examples on that same topic. The fact … More Family Flavors

Food For Thought

The quote from Shakespeare ran, “If music be the food of love, play on…” Taking a quiz, a sixteen-year-old disastrously messed it up as he swapped the words “food” and “music”, putting them in the wrong order. Coming from a foodie, it wasn’t that big of a surprise! For him, food was indeed the music … More Food For Thought

Celebrating Life

A couple of experiences, one cinematic and the other from real life, stimulated my gray cells to reflect on a subject that I have blogged upon earlier. How do we deal with the aging process from which there is inevitably no escape? Scientific research dwells on the possibilities of reversing this course, but for most … More Celebrating Life

Combining Colors

My soon-to-be twenty-two-year old recently had an action packed weekend in a Florida theme park. It truly was a super Saturday with his level of enjoyment overflowing the brim. He had spent the day with new friends that he had made during his current internship with the Walt Disney Company. What made me happy about … More Combining Colors