Solemn Thoughts

The last dawn it was for them,for tomorrow ceased to exist.Came the moment When, sans mercy, the storm swept.They left their loved oneswithout saying their final goodbyes. Engulfed by a stark-cold harshness,millions stand today,with vanished smiles and shattered dreams.The tumultuous journey stretchesfar and beyond.Enveloped in darkness, the light seems far,unfathomable in the horizon. Breaking the shackles that imprison our minds,in compassion and tolerancelet us all unite,stepping up the … Continue reading Solemn Thoughts

Laying Them Bare

An uncanny coincidenceI would say!For no rhyme or reason validateswhy those thoughts surfacedonly in the twilight hours!A guilt hovered,questioning me why I had distanced myself,from those who had beenat the core of my existence.They had kept me alive,had never forsaken me.I had confessed to themsecrets all;every desire,every longing.They wove the identity of who I am,encapsulating the emotions that have encircled meover the years:the joys that overflew the … Continue reading Laying Them Bare

Musings At The Fag End Of Fall

Standing on the threshold of winter,I look at her.Bonded have wethrough sixteen seasons of springas inch by inch, she grew so tallthat I failed to fathom how.Joy and laughter have I shared;comfort she has lenton those cloudy dayswhen solace I have sought.Letting out a long sigh,I now see her standbare sans her garments,bracing the wind that sweeps across.A tinge of sadness crosses my mind.Yet resolute she is,firm not to … Continue reading Musings At The Fag End Of Fall

The Artist

A masterpieceNo one can surpass.The strokes so perfect,The shades so exquisite.A multitude of colorsadorn a sublime piece of artthat the artist giftsfrom His treasured works.From beneath arisesthe smell of musty earththat fills the air.Hiding among the clouds,the sun plays hide-and-seek,only to emergeafter a whileto bathe mewith some warmthand caress mewith a tender touch.Now and then,the droplets fallfrom the canopyof the green leaves!It’s the sparkling, fresh … Continue reading The Artist

Through The Window

I see them beam as they share A story of love. Unperturbed, untouched by the chaos around, the vibrant colors on their face do not fade, even when shadowed by the clouds. In the horizon I see a dream I seek to fulfill. The questions encircle as I battle the uncertainty around me. Seeing the roses smile through the widow, a hope surmounts, as I … Continue reading Through The Window

A Train Of Thoughts: Micropoetry

I A mix of the mild cold and pleasant warmth, greets on the threshold of sunrise. The sound of a train whistling at a distance, The busy chirps of a multitude of birds, The rooster singing one of his Cock-a- doodle doos; Here begins the day, with a ritual of those morning chimes! II The soft look in those eyes melted my heart. No questions … Continue reading A Train Of Thoughts: Micropoetry

And They Wait

The parched earth prays in deep earnest, wishing for the showers to quench her thirst. Gazing at the canvas, the artist nurtures the dream of that masterpiece soon to be born. Failing once, twice, many a time, the little birdie loses not the tenacious resolve to spread its wings and fly. Mending the broken chords, she looks again to make magical melodies yet another time. … Continue reading And They Wait

Sweet Nostalgia

#FlashbackFriday   Hand in hand We walked along the narrow alleys Every afternoon. You asked those questions, again and again. I answered with unparalleled patience. We read those bedtime stories Every night. We sang the song about the Three blind mice, Talked about little Simba, Snow White and the dwarfs. We do them no more. The moments blown away by the sands of time! Though … Continue reading Sweet Nostalgia

Exploring the Haiku

At times, just a few words tell a story.  A short form of Japanese poetry, the haiku is a three-line poem with a five-seven-five syllable count. Unlike other poems, the haiku does not have a title to give a clue. It’s the reader who reads the poem and interprets the meaning behind it. Trying my hand in this domain! Across the green fields, Two souls share … Continue reading Exploring the Haiku