To Be Thankful For

Autumn bid goodbyethe other day,the vibrant hues gone.A hazy misty morningheralds the start of winter.The absence of the foliagedefines a … More

Solemn Thoughts

The last dawn it was for them,for tomorrow ceased to exist.Came the moment When, sans mercy, the storm swept.They left their … More

Laying Them Bare

An uncanny coincidenceI would say!For no rhyme or reason validateswhy those thoughts surfacedonly in the twilight hours!A guilt hovered,questioning me … More

Musings At The Fag End Of Fall

Standing on the threshold of winter,I look at her.Bonded have wethrough sixteen seasons of springas inch by inch, she grew so tallthat I … More

The Artist

A masterpieceNo one can surpass.The strokes so perfect,The shades so exquisite.A multitude of colorsadorn a sublime piece of artthat the … More

Through The Window

I see them beam as they share A story of love. Unperturbed, untouched by the chaos around, the vibrant colors … More

Infinite Space

At the fag end of the day,a thought surmounts.If I were to still believein the story you told meyears ago,I … More

And They Wait

The parched earth prays in deep earnest, wishing for the showers to quench her thirst. Gazing at the canvas, the … More