My Thoughts: A Humble Tribute to Vidya Sinha

The year was 1974, and I had gone to watch a movie with my parents. I was too young then to grasp the sum and substance of the film. But there were two things that left a mark, and the impressions cease to fade even 45 years later. One was a pleasant melody that kept ringing in my ears; the other was the image of … Continue reading My Thoughts: A Humble Tribute to Vidya Sinha

Touching Chords, Raising Questions: What Will People Say?

Culture and tradition weave the tapestry of our identity. Every community takes pride in the customs they follow and the values they adhere to. It is hoped that these beliefs are practiced by one generation after another. But can the legacy be comfortably handed down at the crossroads where the winds of a new culture blow against the existing one? Amazon Prime just recently added … Continue reading Touching Chords, Raising Questions: What Will People Say?

An Evening With the Star

Intelligence, commitment, passion, versatility, good looks: he has them all. What tightly cements these qualities to build his tall tower of accomplishments is modesty, that admirable virtue that sometimes ceases to exist in an individual reaching his level of success. But he is different from the rest, for this powerhouse of talent is humility personified. I am talking about none other than the immensely gifted … Continue reading An Evening With the Star

Thoughts of Love

In just five days, the glitz, the grandeur, the celebration will grace Mother’s Day. I believe we do not have to wait till then to honor our mothers. For all what they do for us, the invaluable role that they play in the family, and the sacrifices they make to keep the merry notes playing in our lives, EVERY DAY is actually a Mother’s Day! … Continue reading Thoughts of Love

Fond Remembrances: A Tribute

Two separate messages with the same news landed on my phone from two different locations. They were from Father Thomas in Colorado Springs and Sister Ivy in the hilly city of Dimapur. Both conveyed the message about the sad demise of Father Cilia last Monday. They are all my connections from more than three decades ago: my mentors of the high school years, my well … Continue reading Fond Remembrances: A Tribute

Loving Thoughts

Invisible to the naked eye Lovingly nestled in the chambers of my heart, I have preserved those yarns. The strands that strongly bind the pearls of those precious times. Safely have I guarded them, I cannot let go those bits and pieces soaked in joy, the sweetness of that bond. For I know they are the only remnants I can cling on to. Seems just … Continue reading Loving Thoughts

For the Apple of My Eye

My adorable technical editor will get to see this piece once it’s online. I am going to be extremely careful, lest he complains again that I always put extra spaces while typing. As much as he has featured several times in my posts (perhaps too many), this is the first one dedicated exclusively to him! I will not be able to say all what I … Continue reading For the Apple of My Eye