A Train Of Thoughts: Micropoetry

I A mix of the mild cold and pleasant warmth, greets on the threshold of sunrise. The sound of a train whistling at a distance, The busy chirps of a multitude of birds, The rooster singing one of his Cock-a- doodle doos; Here begins the day, with a ritual of those morning chimes! II The soft look in those eyes melted my heart. No questions … Continue reading A Train Of Thoughts: Micropoetry

Should You Always Say a “Yes”?

With emphatic finality, the word “no” echoed in all directions. The statement that followed it, however, melted my heart because it was soaked in pure love! “NO…. I want to stay with Mommy,” said my four-year-old, refusing to stay in the adjoining room while I wanted to do a few chores in the next. Well, a “no” can be sweet too at times. That was … Continue reading Should You Always Say a “Yes”?

A 75th Birthday Tribute to Amol Palekar

Glamor and sophistication were not the edifices on which Amol Palekar’s profile rested. He did not portray the hero with indomitable energy fighting the bad guys to seek justice or save a damsel in distress. Nor did he have the chocolate boy looks to melt young hearts. Amol Palekar comfortably fitted in to the garb of a simple middle-class young man that millions of Indians … Continue reading A 75th Birthday Tribute to Amol Palekar

The Rains and … She

Seeing the giant-sized droplets streaming down the panes, he opened the window and gazed at the backyard. The squirrels that were hopping on the green grass just a little while ago were not to be seen. They must have retreated to some safe shelter to stay dry. He let his thoughts wander a million miles away as he enjoyed the first rains of the season, … Continue reading The Rains and … She