A Green Tale

A vegetable recipe shared by a fellow teacher became an instant hit when I tried it out for my folks. Henceforth, it is being made in my home at regular intervals. The combined seasoning of olive oil, garlic cloves, and roasted red pepper flakes that are integral in the preparation of the dish create an … More A Green Tale

Thoughts Unbound

The loud rhythm of the falling rain awakens me, as I lie in bed in the wee hours, warmly snuggled, engulfed in the tranquillity of a December morning. Folks at home in deep slumber, The sun’s yet to rise. A new realization bounces upon me. Racing fast, the year has almost reached the finish line. … More Thoughts Unbound

Autumn Bliss

The crunchy red leaves, the rustling breeze beckon to me as I lazily lie, ensconced in the silence of a fall afternoon. My constant companion stubbornly refuses to leave my side. Soulful melodies from a legend gone long ago drown our ears. In candid confidence, we make a promise to traverse the miles, ten thousand … More Autumn Bliss