Tackling the Troll

My friend’s high school kid was lightheartedly telling her that if she desired to be net-savvy, she had to familiarize herself with the Internet’s slangs too. It all had to do with him answering her queries about ‘trolling’. Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore abound with tales of the troll. Believed to be a supernatural creature … More Tackling the Troll

Luck by Chance

Stranded at the airport in a new country after a 14-hour journey with luggage misplaced is a situation clouded with an infinite degree of annoyance. But when a good Samaritan arrives on the scene to help you and when that individual eventually becomes your life partner with whom you share years of marital bliss, the … More Luck by Chance

Morning Glory

Opening the blinds of the kitchen window, looking out into the yard, I let the golden rays bathe my space as the story unfolds. A lady dressed in red and green poses in joie de vivre. She’s Camellia in full bloom. In their white, spotless attire caressed by the morning breeze, stand the cherry blossoms … More Morning Glory

The Fairest of Us All

A four-year-old enhancing her vocabulary and taking a fancy to pronouncing big terminology adds, among others, the words ‘bioluminescent’ and ‘discrimination’ to her list. While the science project in pre-school summer camp gave her some rough idea that ‘bioluminescent’ was related to light, she in her pure childhood innocence was totally ignorant about what ‘discrimination’ … More The Fairest of Us All