Autumn Bliss

The crunchy red leaves, the rustling breeze beckon to me as I lazily lie, ensconced in the silence of a fall afternoon. My constant companion stubbornly refuses to leave my side. Soulful melodies from a legend gone long ago drown our ears. In candid confidence, we make a promise to traverse the miles, ten thousand … More Autumn Bliss

Analyzing FREE!

A combo of thrill and surprise filled the customers as a loud announcement rang across all corners of the supermarket. “Rush to aisle 7 within 3 minutes to claim your free gift,” the voice said. Some stopped shopping midway and hurried in all excitement. Unfortunately, it was once again one of those marketing gimmicks. The … More Analyzing FREE!

Guiding Hands

Sidd sent me from Vancouver a beautiful picture of her tyke on his first day of school, holding up a colorful poster describing himself. Little ZeeZee started kindergarten last Tuesday. It’s an important milestone for him as he puts his foot forward to begin his educational journey. He loves his teacher from day 1. Soaked … More Guiding Hands

Family Flavors

Pri and I are friends and share all the happenings in our mundane lives. Several times, she has edged me to do a blog post on a certain mannerism of our better halves. Lona, my much younger cousin, pitched in, saying she can provide a plethora of personal examples on that same topic. The fact … More Family Flavors