Morning Glory

Opening the blinds of the kitchen window, looking out into the yard, I let the golden rays bathe my space as the story unfolds. A lady dressed in red and green poses in joie de vivre. She’s Camellia in full bloom. In their white, spotless attire caressed by the morning breeze, stand the cherry blossoms … More Morning Glory

The Fairest of Us All

A four-year-old enhancing her vocabulary and taking a fancy to pronouncing big terminology adds, among others, the words ‘bioluminescent’ and ‘discrimination’ to her list. While the science project in pre-school summer camp gave her some rough idea that ‘bioluminescent’ was related to light, she in her pure childhood innocence was totally ignorant about what ‘discrimination’ … More The Fairest of Us All

Loving Thoughts

Invisible to the naked eye Lovingly nestled in the chambers of my heart, I have preserved those yarns. The strands that strongly bind the pearls of those precious times. Safely have I guarded them, I cannot let go those bits and pieces soaked in joy, the sweetness of that bond. For I know they are … More Loving Thoughts

The Modern Man

Rising up from a sleepy earth Jammed with worries that flood the banks: this and that and many more. The gray strands getting grayer by the day, At the crossing of thirty and five Stands the child that metamorphosed over the years. Plunging into the rat race, the social milieu, the office grind, climbing up … More The Modern Man

On Being the Rodent

I have never considered myself intelligent, but it surprises me how sometimes the magnitude of my foolishness is greater than what I imagine it to be. One such act is watching a movie or a show which I find annoying right from the start, yet continuing with it. It’s only after three fourths of it … More On Being the Rodent