Sweet Nostalgia

#FlashbackFriday   Hand in hand We walked along the narrow alleys Every afternoon. You asked those questions, again and again. I answered with unparalleled patience. We read those bedtime stories Every night. We sang the song about the Three blind mice, Talked about little Simba, Snow White and the dwarfs. We do them no more. The moments blown away by the sands of time! Though … Continue reading Sweet Nostalgia

Exploring the Haiku

At times, just a few words tell a story.  A short form of Japanese poetry, the haiku is a three-line poem with a five-seven-five syllable count. Unlike other poems, the haiku does not have a title to give a clue. It’s the reader who reads the poem and interprets the meaning behind it. Trying my hand in this domain! Across the green fields, Two souls share … Continue reading Exploring the Haiku

Touching Chords, Raising Questions: What Will People Say?

Culture and tradition weave the tapestry of our identity. Every community takes pride in the customs they follow and the values they adhere to. It is hoped that these beliefs are practiced by one generation after another. But can the legacy be comfortably handed down at the crossroads where the winds of a new culture blow against the existing one? Amazon Prime just recently added … Continue reading Touching Chords, Raising Questions: What Will People Say?

The Pungent Smell

Traversing the miles, uprooting from that distant village, he barely thinks about them all till a pungent smell brings back those years, all the same, once again. Playing one after another, the scenes zoom in his mind’s eye, never seeming to stop. A paradox towers; albeit sweet musings, they only make him see his wretched self. Moments dipped in dewey-fresh innocence carried fragrant hopes when … Continue reading The Pungent Smell

An Evening With the Star

Intelligence, commitment, passion, versatility, good looks: he has them all. What tightly cements these qualities to build his tall tower of accomplishments is modesty, that admirable virtue that sometimes ceases to exist in an individual reaching his level of success. But he is different from the rest, for this powerhouse of talent is humility personified. I am talking about none other than the immensely gifted … Continue reading An Evening With the Star