Loving Thoughts

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels

Invisible to the naked eye
Lovingly nestled in the chambers
of my heart,
I have preserved those yarns.
The strands that strongly bind
the pearls of those precious times.
Safely have I guarded them,
I cannot let go
those bits and pieces soaked in joy,
the sweetness of that bond.
For I know they are the only remnants
I can cling on to.
Seems just like yesterday,
When those ceaseless conversations
never left our sides.
The foolish mistakes we made many a time,
Peals of laughter that made the chime.
Never did you wish to forsake us, me and all
You sought us as we did you,
We walked that path hand in hand,
Filling our seconds, minutes, hours
with friendly bliss.
But there came a storm
On that harsh winter day
That shook us all,
numbing the senses as we bid adieu.
Emotions now brew and cross the brim
Leaving the embers of the aching pain.
We long to hear a voice
Reach for the touch we can never feel.
A face that fades away like a dream.
Looking for you, but in vain!
For far and beyond,
in a safe haven where joy knows no bounds,
where undying tranquillity nurtures the mind,
You are now the flower in bloom in paradise,
with a fragrance that lingers forever,
amid love: pure, untainted and divine.
As we stand only with those memories
Counting the years to five,
Etched in our hearts
are shared moments frozen in the edifices of time.
Your smile looms eternally in the mind’s eye.
Who were you we wonder,
None but an angel
who walked this earth
to grace our lives.
True to your name Biswarupa,
you were indeed beautiful,
Embraced by that loveliness inside and out.

(In loving memory of my very dear friend who passed away on February 26, 2013)


      1. So poignant and full of your emotions etched…it’s all of us the foursome who are

  1. Beautiful tribute to your friend. Shows how much she meant to you and your strong bonding with her. God bless her children.

  2. A befitting tribute in her honor Rashmi ,and most certainly beautiful poetry lines finely chiseled by you.It was a pleasure reading this piece!

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