Thoughts Unbound

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The loud rhythm of the falling rain
awakens me,
as I lie in bed in the wee hours,
warmly snuggled,
engulfed in the tranquillity
of a December morning.
Folks at home in deep slumber,
The sun’s yet to rise.
A new realization bounces upon me.
Racing fast, the year has almost reached
the finish line.
It’s time to perform my regular ritual,
to look back in retrospect
at the bygone days.
A basket lies before me.
Rummaging through its contents,
I dodge the unpleasant that scathed my senses,
bury the bitter with unshaken firmness,
and count the blessings.
Unfolding in my mind a list that lengthens,
I lovingly treasure
the friendships that had flowered perennially,
the bonds of family that had gotten tighter,
celebrations that had graced the hallway of my mundane existence,
magical melodies that had made me soar high.
They all make me beam with pride.
Standing on the threshold,
oblivious of what the future has in store
I look in anticipation once again
to a new cycle of seasons, new beginnings:
A spring with fragrant blooms
that will renew hopes.
A summer filled with smiles and sunshine.
Vibrant moods as the world basks
in the beauty of fall splendors and hues,
and a festive winter with blazing logs
that will warm the hearts.
Surfing the emotions encompassing me,
I feel a chord that strikes
again and yet again.
A burning desire runs
to be at the crest
to welcome with zest
the joys and promises
that the New Year brings.


  1. What a beautiful journey. Thank you for sharing. You make us look forward to all the seasons, surprises, and exciting times that await us that much more. Continued love and blessings.

  2. Splendid good bye to the year rolled by and splendid welcome to the year ahead awaiting to dawn , to spring ,
    to summer , to fade and fall and atlast comes the end with joy and merriment . I am with you , the same way I feel Rashmi ! Nice poem indeed .

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