Again, After the Rains


They have a plan in place,
in tune with Nature’s varied moods,
and follow a ritual,
I often wondered why.
Droplets streamed down the window panes,
the remnants from the showers,
of the night before.
Dark clouds enveloped the sky.
The chill,
the silence,
the wet ground
defined the dull, gray morning.
With a dampened vibe,
I nurtured
a wish in vain
for the sun to grace the day.
Through the hazy glass
my roving eye caught sight
of those uninvited guests
who create those merry notes
in my mind.
They had come back,
as they did many a time
after the rains.
From the nearby woods
came the gentle deer.
This time it was a crowd,
a family of five.
Like little children at recess,
their sports began.
Playful they were, yet calm,
sprawling on the dry grass,
as if in a yogic pose.
Munching the green leaves one at a time,
parading around,
hiding in the shadow of the cypress tree.
One scratched its nose
as though about to sneeze.
Through the hours, I watched them
over and over,
till they exited on their own.
Engraved in my mind
stands a scene,
like one from a storybook page.
I wonder why they come
again and again.
An easy answer rings:
Unharmed, undisturbed, uncaged
their freedom not infringed,
they find a safe haven here
after the rains,
under the canopy of the dull, gray sky.


  1. So beautiful & vivid! Loved reading it first thing on a Sunday morning. Keep up the excellent work 😊

  2. Rashmi , what a poem for a nature – lover who adores nature all the time . I am talking about myself here . Poetry plays a huge role on me . Love poetry better than prose . Every word touched my heart . Superb !!!

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