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In just five days, the glitz, the grandeur, the celebration will grace Mother’s Day. I believe we do not have to wait till then to honor our mothers. For all what they do for us, the invaluable role that they play in the family, and the sacrifices they make to keep the merry notes playing in our lives, EVERY DAY is actually a Mother’s Day! Here is a humble tribute to motherhood and specifically to my mother whose footprints in my life I can never erase. Deliberately late by three days for my biweekly schedule I decided to post this poem today, on my mother’s birthday 😊

As I Had Seen You

It was Papa’s birthday the other day.
With a surge of emotion, I pinned
that black and white family photograph of ours,
And you stole the show.
My friends exclaimed you were
gorgeous, elegant, graceful,
that it felt like a scene in celluloid
from the yesteryears!
I realized they were so right.
Yet, why did it take me all these years
to notice such a pretty sight?
Cuddled up and snuggled in your arms
while you sang me that lullaby,
I might have been mesmerized
by you, the angel who guarded me,
keeping me safe
in the cocoon of your warm embrace.
My memory betrays,
though I believe.
Like all little ones who proudly announce,
“My mom looks the best!”
I too must have said so
Moving far ahead,
leaving that playground of childhood innocence
behind me, in some forgotten soil,
not once did I pause
to think you were beautiful,
for an image emerged
and never ceased to fade.
You stood before me
as an emblem not of beauty,
but as someone sailing
through the calm and storm
with equal ease.
I saw a pillar of courage,
our strength, our anchor
bathing us in the rays of maternal affection,
wiping our tears with that soothing touch.
Our teacher you were who taught us
the gospel of forgiveness,
that the pearls of affection bind us tight,
that Lord Ganesh the remover of obstacles protects us all,
that we should never lose faith
even when we stumble and fall.
How could I have ever discovered your beauty,
when amid your varied roles
I had never seen you giving those minutes
to yourself,
to wrap yourself up in those expensive silks,
to deck your hair with those fragrant blooms,
or adorn yourself with gold, diamonds, and pearls?
For you have always been that selfless giver,
showering your love and holding us all.
I had looked beyond your skin, your tresses, your smile, your eyes.
Because that inner forte, your invisible beauty
ethereal and pristine, had transcended all.


  1. Ah! What a beautiful poem ❤️ Aunty is a wonderful human being & the best Mother one could dream of. She’s an inspiration to all of us. You have done an excellent job with the peom. It is indeed the best Mother’s Day gift for Aunty.

  2. An early Happy Mother’s Day to you, Rashmi! The poem is so lovely! I lost my mother at age eight, but her sister raised me after that and became a mother to me. It is so easy sometimes to forget all they did for us as children, but oddly, I was thinking of her just this morning and remembering the sacrifices she made for me even though I was not her biological child. Sometimes we only think of those things and miss them when we no longer have them in our lives. Beautiful poem; thank you for sharing it!

  3. Rashmi at her creative best: weaving her inimical magic around “mother”. The poem flows straight out of her heart – meandering through the contours of love and adulation for her mother- her creator, friend philosopher and guide……
    Kudos Rashmi, for emoting so well through the choicest lexicon you harness so flawlessly.

  4. Beautiful poem Rashmi😊 Your mother is so warm even to us so I can imagine how she was while growing up! I on the other hand had a very strict mother. But can never forget all that I am is because of her.

  5. What a powerful tribute and a warm and gracious treat to a mother from a daughter for Mother’s Day and birthday as well .Your admiration , adoration , appreciation , dedication and love are flowing throughout the poem so brilliantly and peacefully that I could n’t help but cried . Needless to say of course as to how and where from you inherited those adorned qualities . Right ? Always do find pomp and grandeur of beautiful literature in your writing . An authentic and gorgeous poem indeed, Rashmi !

    1. That is a very kind and generous feedback. I really appreciate your time. Thank you very much for your sincere words of encouragement 🙏 I am very happy that you enjoyed reading!

  6. It was a perfect delineation of aunty as I remember her and if course you as her daughter know how to depict her minutely…affectionate, graceful, tough and pragmatic…traits which make her an uber woman!

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