As Random Thoughts Come to the Mind

Photo by Bibhukalyan Acharya from Pexels

A New Day

With a vacant mind
I hear the sounds of silence
in the stillness of the night.
What do I look for tomorrow?
Smiles and sunshine,
A new day that will
renew my hopes,
bring in promises,
and double the joys
of my mundane existence.


I hear you knock
on the window panes,
my heart fills with joy.
Long have I waited
in earnest,
for you to quench the thirst
of the dry earth
and wash the dusty streets
sparkling clean.
A break from the scorching heat,
the flowers, the trees, the bushes smile,
as you reenergize them
with a new strength
to grow, to evolve.
A blessing for the summer grass too,
that impatiently yearns to stay green,
under the canopy of a sky
radiant and blue.

A Similar Plan 

The sky dusked.
Quietness rules the backyard
against the evening breeze.
The chirps and tweets of birds
I hear no more.
The active hopping squirrel
is also out of sight.
A homeward journey
they all have made,
following a plan all the same.
Resting we are in silence,
as passes away a tiring day.
Hand in hand we all
walk together
dreaming, hoping,
and striving to make this earth
a peaceful place.


      1. Simple and real…Beautiful and crisp..We are waiting for the knock on our window panes as 🔥🔥heat wave 🔥🔥 is killing us in Delhi …😉😊

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