Exploring the Haiku

At times, just a few words tell a story.  A short form of Japanese poetry, the haiku is a three-line poem with a five-seven-five syllable count. Unlike other poems, the haiku does not have a title to give a clue. It’s the reader who reads the poem and interprets the meaning behind it. Trying my hand in this domain!

green fields

Across the green fields,
Two souls share their happiness
Pristine, simple love.


Beaming, morning sun,
Blooming roses, chirping birds
Paradise on earth.


Fragrance in the air,
The yesteryears come alive,
When the jasmine blooms.


Children smile and see,
Through the lens of innocence
God’s graces on earth.

Image source: pexels.com


  1. Very nice Rashmi. Hearing about this form of poetry for the first time. It does give room for a lot of imagination and can take your mind anywhere depending on your experiences and personality.

  2. Nice try ! You did well . I was roaming in wilderness mentally while reading the Haiku style poems of your’s . Write
    again and again and help your readers think and think .
    Kudos !

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