And They Wait


The parched earth prays
in deep earnest,
wishing for the showers
to quench her thirst.

Gazing at the canvas,
the artist nurtures
the dream of that masterpiece
soon to be born.

Failing once, twice, many a time,
the little birdie loses not
the tenacious resolve
to spread its wings and fly.

Mending the broken chords,
she looks again
to make magical melodies
yet another time.

Cheers from the crowd,
although delayed,
will be there, he knows,
to shower him with abundant joy.

The meadow beckons;
she yearns to dance one day,
freed from the shackles,
under the blue sky.

A vision that fades
oft and now,
the mother imagines still
the return of her son faraway.

Emotions cascade,
stirring sweet memories;
they look to tighten their knot,
loosened a while ago.

Albeit late, ardently, calmly,
they all wait,
for it’s hope that sets
the rhythm in their lives.

image source: pixabay via pexels


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