A Train Of Thoughts: Micropoetry

Photo by nomi gogo from Pexels



A mix of the mild cold
and pleasant warmth,
greets on the threshold
of sunrise.
The sound of a train
whistling at a distance,
The busy chirps
of a multitude
of birds,
The rooster singing
one of his
Cock-a- doodle doos;
Here begins the day,
with a ritual of
those morning chimes!


The soft look
in those eyes
melted my heart.
No questions asked,
in your innocence
you surrendered
looking up to me,
as the savior, the protector.
In return I say
my prayer of gratitude,
for what I got:
The blissful state
of motherhood!


Traveling zillion miles,
to random places
soothing sounds
pamper my ears.
Smiles exchanged,
I drown in the magic
of meditative bliss.
Worries washed away,
peace descends.
A wish for moments
to freeze,
as in awareness
I lie, eyes shut,
letting thoughts wander!


In silence they stream down,
drop after drop.
What story do they tell?
Not of pain,
nor anguish,
nor defeat,
nor fear.
Moving past that dusty lane
of her life,
not looking back once,
mutely her tears sing
a song of triumph.
For she has evolved
the winner.
Freed from the shackles
of a fake friendship,
untrue promises,
and malicious lies,
it’s victory that embraces her
as she walks ahead,
her head held high.


  1. A long train of thoughts indeed! Loved the words rolling like a train and as usual filled with emotions…each morning we are born again…very refreshing.

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