The Artist

A masterpiece
No one can surpass.
The strokes so perfect,
The shades so exquisite.
A multitude of colors
adorn a sublime piece of art
that the artist gifts
from His treasured works.
From beneath arises
the smell of musty earth
that fills the air.
Hiding among the clouds,
the sun plays hide-and-seek,
only to emerge
after a while
to bathe me
with some warmth
and caress me
with a tender touch.
Now and then,
the droplets fall
from the canopy
of the green leaves!
It’s the sparkling, fresh dew
of a December morning
that tickles.
The silence broken
now and then
by restless footsteps
of those waking up
to welcome a new day.
In awe I marvel
at the beauty.
Tranquil waves
flutter in the soul!
Drowning in the magic,
I seek to freeze
the grains of sand that seep
through the hour glass.
As I thank the artist,
My creator!

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