Was The Marriage Arranged Or Destined? A Heartwarming Short Film

A cup of spiced tea, savory snacks, and a sweet, short film are indeed a refreshing combo to spend an afternoon with. Produced under the banner of Kadambari Creations (KC Digital Films Initiative), the Assamese film Arranged was released on YouTube on October 16. It was indeed a pleasant experience for me to watch the film.

The story of Arranged

Jayanta and Jurima are a newly married couple. Their relationship is cordial with the smiles and pleasantries they exchange. However, they are extremely formal with each other, something which catches the attention of their young paying guest Chaudhury. He finds it absurd how limited their conversation is as opposed to the usual chatter that needs to take place between newly weds. He explains it to someone over the phone by saying, “Yeh miya biwi baat chit karne mein bahoot kanjoosi karta hai” (The husband and wife are very stingy with their words while conversing with each other).

Sensing a wall between them, Chaudhury suggests to Jayanta that he give Jurima a helping hand in the kitchen. He also recommends that they need to share personal stories with each other to bring in warmth and liveliness to their relationship.

Do unraveling the past and confiding in each other make Jayanta and Jurima come closer, or do they drift even further? Watch Arranged to find the answer!

A narrative that flows naturally

Arranged is beautifully written by Harsh Siddhant who has not only co-produced the film but has also staged his debut, playing the role of Chaudhury.

As you are introduced to the main characters Jayanta and Jurima, you can’t help but feel that the way they interact is highly unnatural. They are too distanced from one another. A doubt might arise in your mind to attribute that to inferior performance by the actors. But as the narrative moves forward, things become clear. You will have a complete change of heart because the story justifies the way the couple behaves. This is the magic of powerful storytelling, and Harsh Siddhant deserves a big round of applause for that.

A fine ensemble of actors

Samujjal Kashyap proves his directorial brilliance by navigating the ship in the right direction with his crew of actors delivering their utmost best. He succeeds in taking the viewers on a gratifying cinematic journey!

Lima Das as Jurima is an absolute delight. The actor who performed brilliantly in the critically acclaimed Aamis once again demonstrates her acting prowess. She emotes effortlessly, her smile is infectious, and she blends grace and finesse in her persona.

A theater performer and a familiar face from Assamese tele-serials, Ranjeev Lal Barua is perfectly pitched as Jayanta, the introverted husband of Jurima. He does justice to his part as someone lovable, shy, and unable to openly express his feelings to his wife.

Harsh Siddhant fits perfectly into his garb as the nosy but essentially harmless and friendly paying guest. He facilitates the moments of humor with his witty dialogues. He plays a Hindi-speaking youngster, and his broken pronunciation of Assamese words is entirely convincing and lends authenticity. Not for a moment would one think that his mother tongue is Assamese.

A heartwarming story

Arranged is a sweet, endearing love story soaked in fine sensitivity. How do love and closeness blossom in a relationship? Do opposites attract? And does destiny play its part in bringing two people together? These questions pop up for you to ponder over while watching the film with a smile.

(This review appeared as a featured post in Women’s Web )

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