Laying Them Bare

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An uncanny coincidence
I would say!
For no rhyme or reason validates
why those thoughts surfaced
only in the twilight hours!
A guilt hovered,
questioning me why I had distanced myself,
from those who had been
at the core of my existence.
They had kept me alive,
had never forsaken me.
I had confessed to them
secrets all;
every desire,
every longing.
They wove the identity 
of who I am,
encapsulating the emotions 
that have encircled me
over the years:
the joys that overflew the brim,
the waves of sadness that drowned me,
the tinge of loneliness 
that I had sometimes felt.
They belonged to me
and I to them.
Our stories we wrote together!
We have a kinship so sacrosanct, 
so exclusive.
Yet why had I abandoned them?
With a resolve, I rose today,
strengthening my mind
to give them their voice,
for they had been
muted for a while.
Once again, we bonded.
I broke the manacles 
that jammed my mind,
albeit not for long.
And then I inhaled;
the breath of fresh air
rejuvenated me!
Bluer than yesterday
did the sky look today!
I rejoiced to reflect
that never did I betray
the trust they bestowed on me
to give them the tune
to sing their song.
A calm descends 
as I am lifted 
from that turmoil.
I muse that even for a moment 
had I not abandoned them!
They were warmly snuggled
in the chambers of my heart.
I had just not stepped forward
to lay them bare.
With unbounded ecstasy
have they made
their way out now.
Once again seeing
the light of day!
A happiness so surreal
envelopes me!
I had released them 
to speak to the world,
to cry out loud
and spread my thoughts.
They are my unsaid words,
that lay buried,
though only for a while.


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