Solemn Thoughts

Image source: Hakan Erenler via Pexels

The last dawn it was for them,
for tomorrow ceased to exist.
Came the moment 
When, sans mercy, the storm swept.
They left their loved ones
without saying their final goodbyes.

Engulfed by a stark-cold harshness,
millions stand today,
with vanished smiles and shattered dreams.
The tumultuous journey stretches
far and beyond.
Enveloped in darkness, 
the light seems far,
unfathomable in the horizon.

Breaking the shackles 
that imprison our minds,
in compassion and tolerance
let us all unite,
stepping up the pace
to spread the gentle vibes
in all the ways we can.

With a guiding hand,
solace we can lend,
showering kindness
and kindling the warmth
with sprinkles of love.
May all those who left us
rest in peace!
With grace and humility,
to the divine let us say
a silent prayer,
seeking for the storm to end,
for light and hope to emerge 
and encircle humanity
in a kind embrace.

(In kind remembrance of those who lost their lives to COVID-19 and with prayerful thoughts for all who are fighting the crisis)


  1. Beautiful lines ! In such uncertain times that lie ahead of us, every day goes by prayers for safety of our dear ones…

    1. You are so right! Taking precautions & praying to the divine that the crisis ends soon….that’s the only way out. Thank you for reading the article πŸ™

  2. Your poetry says it all! The pain and the sadness of the situation is unbearable. God heal this planet soon πŸ™

  3. This is very well penned. The emotional build throughout the piece is nicely done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nicely done, Mamuba!

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