Thoughts of Unfiltered Appreciation

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Overjoyed to a degree of infinity, my 25-year-old made an Instagram post. It was not a photo from a fun gathering nor one from his culinary experiments as a newbie chef. It was just a screenshot of a message he received on his phone. He had texted his first-grade teacher, and her reply to him read: “My favorite student. Hope all is going great for U. U r are amazing.” 

The short text filled with love made his day. He was so overwhelmed that he once again relived those days in her class as a six-year-old!

I could totally relate to his feelings because I have been fortunate to come across some remarkable teachers who have left a lasting impression on my life. These memories have remained, surpassing the winds of time. All of us have come across many teachers, and we must have had at least one such outstanding role-model who has imprinted an indelible mark on our minds.

Teachers indeed play a monumental role in society. Our parents are the first ones to impart to us those life lessons with a goal to shape us as better human beings. As we step out of our homes and begin our journey of learning, we have our teachers who are our guides and mentors to lead us along the path.

A quote from American author Jeannette Walls has always struck a chord with me. She beautifully expressed her thoughts: “Teaching is a calling too. And I’ve always thought that teachers in their way are holy – angels leading their flocks out of the darkness.”

As India celebrates Teachers’ Day on September 5, let us offer our heartfelt thanks to all of those amazing individuals who have nurtured our minds and bestowed those lessons that have helped us move in rhythm with the music of life.  

Happy Teachers Day! 


  1. Lovely article, Rashmi! I have had many teachers over the course of my life, many good ones and, sadly, a few not so good. One in particular that I remember was my English teacher in 11th and 12th grade. His name was Lamar Crawley and I really give him credit for my love of reading, especially the classics. I’m not sure I would be the reader that I am today if not for his guidance and encouragement. Teachers play such a significant role in our lives.

  2. A beautiful and relatable article… the joy gained from a teacher’s appreciation of his/her student is unparalleled…

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