When Gratitude Defines a Meaningful Existence

image source: Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Last week, I happened to come across a beautiful tweet which I felt was a wholesome slice of #TuesdayWisdom! Why have I hashtagged it? Well, why not? When almost anything and everything in social media is hashtagged, why should I not emphasize the importance of something that is so thought-provoking? The tweet read:

“Never ever forget people who cheered or supported, lifted or balmed, propelled or nudged you when you were down in the dumps – carry grace, gratitude & grandeur in your heart – the journey to the end is solo finally – keep the abundance intact so you feel the embrace throughout!”

A family that I have known for close to three decades has always been a shining example. They have had a series of crises in their life, and every time, they handle an ordeal with grace and dignity. Even in their lows, I have never seen any bitterness in them. They appreciate every call that someone makes to check in on them, and they are extremely thankful for the minutest of things that others do for them. It is this sense of gratitude overflowing their hearts that has always helped them to pass the storm with calm and ease. 

Gratitude is not something that can be taught as a lesson in a curriculum. It is something that comes from within us and is a value that we imbibe by experiencing the goodness that surrounds us. When we see others being thankful and practicing kindness and empathy, a desire is born that we too follow the path. That being said, it cannot be guaranteed that all human beings will have loads of compassion and benevolence delivered free into their hearts in response to the generosity around them. If I were to say that, I would definitely be living in a fool’s paradise!

Having lived half of my life on planet Earth, I am bound to be wiser to make observations about human behavior. It is a bitter truth and quite paradoxical that ingratitude afflicts people when they are in their best of times. Stuck inside their bubble, they are so intoxicated by that bliss that they tend to forget the caring hands that had once had their backs.

Genuine relationships in life are built on the edifices of love and respect. In the absence of one, the other ceases to exist. The connecting threads in this spectrum are gratitude and reciprocity. If we do not recognize the goodness showered on us by others but instead take everything for granted, we cannot hope to strengthen our bonds with anyone.

The way we interact with our fellow beings is not mandated by any strict norms that are embedded in stone. What is perfectly acceptable for one person may be unacceptable for another. This leads me to believe in what a friend would always say: “Whatever the mind preaches is morality!” The human psyche works in incredibly complex ways. Without any hesitation or qualms of conscience, people go about hurting others. They feel their actions are justified because their minds do not dictate that they are doing something wrong.

The bottom line is: you cannot change others; you have to change yourself. Although it is a human tendency to look for love and compassion, it helps when your head rules over your heart sometimes. Lest your expectations are belied, it is wise that you do your part without thinking that your feelings will be reciprocated.

Find happiness by investing in relationships that are not superficial. A quote from Khalil Gibran has so much truth: “If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were.”

Going back to the tweet that inspired me to pen this piece, yes, “the journey to the end is solo finally”! Then why not make our days on earth more meaningful by embracing all those who have held our hands to take even the tiniest of steps forward? Let it be the mantra of life to count every blessing and be thankful because sans gratitude, human ties weaken, happiness begins to wane, and the circle of love stands broken and incomplete.


  1. Very well written Rashmi 👏 👌 Beautiful tweet too. Life is always more livable if we have an attitude of gratitude 🙏

  2. Beautiful article! Love your writing as always. It’s true that our love and kindness may not always be reciprocated as expected but that should not stop us from spreading the love and cheer… and always remember those who were there during our trying times.

  3. Your writing is beautiful and thought provoking! Yes gratitude and love are what will ultimately make us happy, not money or fame. Thank you for this lovely article, Rashmi!

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