With the Tiniest Acts Of Caring, We Can Build the Circle of Love

Image source: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

They say time flies, and it is so true! Humanity had stepped into 2022 just the other day, and in a wink, 15 days went by. Have you been making a good start on your New Year’s resolutions? I actually do not believe in making any of those.

The statistics of people who stick to their New Year’s affirmations is rather unimpressive. Surveys conducted every year show a measly number of those who keep their promises. 

The younger man of my house, in all sincerity, has decided on a health mantra. Besides exercising regularly, he has resolved to reduce the number of lunches or dinners to be brought from outside. Time will tell, but to be fair to him, he has been the newbie chef trying to expand his culinary horizons by cooking at home rather than eyeing the restaurant food.

Well I have definitely sidetracked from what I had originally intended to write in this post. This is perhaps an illness most mothers suffer from. Once they start talking or even thinking about their offspring, they can continue forever. So apologies for that!

In my New Year’s Day article  (Welcoming the New Year With Hope), I had talked about harnessing optimism for the sake of a brighter universe. With the onset of the pandemic, that is what we have been needing in plentiful amounts, and in conjunction, it has become immensely important to nurture thoughts of love and kindness. It is hard to believe how a few kind words of encouragement can do the magic. Contrary to what we sometimes think, we do not need Herculean efforts to scatter sunshine around us.

A few days ago, I received a message from a friend who I have known through my writings. While appreciating my first book which was published last August, he sent me his wishes, saying that he was eagerly waiting for my second work. Writing is my passion, and those inspiring words gladdened my heart to start my day on a happy note.

Even a simple birthday wish that you send to a dear one can have an incredibly beautiful effect. I am mentioning birthdays here because fresh in my mind is what I experienced at the beginning of this year. 

When I was younger, I was very good at remembering dates, but I no longer pride myself on having a good memory. It’s rather uncanny that very early this January, I suddenly happened to remember a couple of birthdays of people who I had not wished for at least two and a half decades (if not more). Somewhere down the line, I had lost touch with them because I moved to a different country 30 years ago.

Needless to say, the early nineties were a time minus the benefits of social media. The Internet was not as widespread, and communication was not as easy. But now with the blessings of technology, I have been able to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances and rebuild a camaraderie, no matter which part of the globe they might be in. This year, when I called two in that circle with my birthday greetings, they were totally thrown off by surprise and of course elated beyond words. 

For another person who is a friend of my parents, it was actually the first time that I was wishing him on his birthday. It was just coincidental that I got to know, while talking to a relative of his, that he had turned 87 that day. 

On my part, it was just a small act of picking up the phone, and I had never fathomed how happy I would make those individuals. They were totally overwhelmed that after so many years, I still had that affection for them.

Happiness is contagious, and by doing anything with genuine feelings, we can pass on that ecstasy to the person who is a recipient of our warmheartedness. There is so much truth in this quote by Scott Adams: “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” 

I hope that the year has started on a good note for all of you. Even if it has not kicked off the way you had anticipated, do not lose hope. Keep your happy hormones active. See the rainbow amidst the clouds. Look at people who are less fortunate than you, and you will instantly realize how blessed you are! Try to spread love around you because you will be amazed to discover that the tiniest act of yours has brought a smile and brightened up someone else’s day!


  1. Nice post and so very true, Rashmi. I never make resolutions anymore because I never kept them in the past. 2022, as every year, will have it’s ups and downs, but kindness and hope are two things that will definitely make a difference in our lives no matter what the year brings.

  2. No matter how advanced the world becomes, genuine love, kindness and mutual respect for each other is what makes the world a better place…

  3. Well said–kind words charged with passion. I still honor the tradition of making resolutions every year. But I no longer believe in them just like I’ve ceased to believe in Santa Claus a long time ago. I will follow your advice, Rashmi. A simple “Hello” can sometimes go a long way in making a friend or a loved one’s day a little brighter, a little easier. Yes, our friendship, the camaraderie in which we take so much pride, will never wither if we believe in a simple act of kindness.

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