Diwali Ad Films That Sparkle With Positive Vibes

What a wonderful time of the year it is when we are engulfed with boundless excitement to celebrate Diwali! The shine and sparkle, the food, and the get-togethers amount to unlimited fun. 

It is love that makes the world go round. Hence we need to spread goodness among our fellow beings in order to multiply the joys of the festive season. Let us nurture empathy, kindness, and understanding in our hearts: the precious gems that money can’t buy.

Ad films, made over the years for every Diwali, have strived to spread positive messages for society. There are many that have appealed to me because of their meaningful content; here are just a few that I would like to share!

A small act of kindness weaves magic!

A street-side seller of earthen lamps catches the attention of a boy and his mother returning home after a shopping spree. While the son is eager to buy a few lamps, his mother does not show interest. Upon wishing the seller a happy Diwali, she sighs and questions how it can be happy for her unless all her lamps get sold.

The little boy clicks her picture and rushes home to print out flyers to spread the news about her business all around town. His small act of kindness works wonders for the woman when all her lamps get sold! This ad #UmeedKaDiya (Light of Hope) by HP India will make your sentiments overflow to the brim.

When Daddy is away from home for a reason!

It can never be easy to miss the celebrations during a festival. Yet sometimes a family member needs to be away from home for the household to run smoothly.

FabHotels presents a beautiful story #BitterSweets on this theme. Late at night while being engrossed in a meeting, the boss offers his grains of wisdom to his younger colleague. He says that his heart longs to leave work and go home for Diwali, but he intelligently decides otherwise. They are working tirelessly so that their families not only get to celebrate Diwali but also get to have a blessed life thereafter! The concluding line “Celebrating those who miss the celebrations” is indeed thought provoking!

With loving words we can ignite the smiles

Has it ever crossed our minds that the bus and cab drivers, the flight attendants, and many  others in the travel and hospitality industry are away from their families and working even on the day of Diwali? They have been in the line of duty so that we can travel and enjoy our time with our loved ones. Let us harness a sense of gratitude for all those lovely people who have contributed their parts to our happiness. A heartfelt Diwali greeting and a “thank you” can make them feel that their services are being appreciated and valued. Filmed by Samsonite, the ad #DiwaliKaSafar (Travel during Diwali) throws light on the power of kind words!

Time is an invaluable treasure!

It does not come as a surprise that millennials are glued to their mobile phones 24/7. Aptly titled, #UniteFor #Love is an ad by Nokia to show how important it is to have family time.

A young man who is always in a rush hands over his phone to his mother on Diwali day.  He decides to have undisturbed, quality moments with her and to indulge in sweet conversations, minus his engagements on the phone.

The more the merrier, let’s celebrate in person together!

Evening lamps are being lit in the home of a middle-aged couple. Looking at his phone, the husband sadly tells his wife that none of his relatives have sent him a message for Diwali. Even the uncle who sends him a good-morning forward every day has forgotten to wish him. The wife tries to comfort him, saying that they all might have been busy.

Just then the doorbell rings. A surprise greets him as his relatives come to celebrate Diwali at his home. Titled “Badi Family Badi Diwali” (Big Family Big Diwali), this ad film by Cadbury’s speaks volumes: text messages cannot match the warmth of big family gatherings! Drop by if you can to wish your dear ones!

These ads, dipped in the flavor of delicate human sensitivity, sure touched my heart! I believe they will strike a chord with you too.

Here’s to wishing you all a very happy Diwali!

(This article was featured in Women’s Web )

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