To a Zestful and Joyous Magh Bihu!

Image source: Rupam Sarma

The spirit of Magh Bihu enraptures. It’s a recap of old times that play like celluloid in my mind. The past mingles with the present as I travel down memory lane to relive the experience that has been a part of my life, my heritage, and my identity.

Assam celebrates the end of the harvest season in joyful abundance, and being an Assamese, how can I separate myself from the festivities? 

In the thick of winter, hearts are warmed with celebrations galore. Uruka (Bihu eve) reminds one of juicy conversations around bonfires and scrumptious majestic meals served for dinner. It has always been an unforgettable night for me. 

Image source: Rupam Sarma

Equally heartening is the morning-after. In gratitude and reverence, we offer prayers to Lord Agni (the God of fire), seeking blessings for goodness and warmth to grace our lives. And how can one not count the morning breakfast with the lip smacking spreads of pitha, laru, and other Bihu delicacies?

Image source: Instagram page of Esika’s Kitchen

It is not just the fun, food, and festivity. What is special is the feeling of oneness that evolves as we celebrate the joys together with our loved ones. And as we age, we value these customs and traditions more than ever. There is an earnest desire to pass on the legacy to a much younger generation with a hope that the zest lives on.

To all those who celebrate, here’s wishing you a happy and blessed Magh Bihu!


  1. Beautiful, Rashmi! Camaraderie totally captures the essence of Uruka! Makes me long for those Jorhat days.

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