Another Year

Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

A silent winter morning,
The fag end of the year
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee
And my thoughts.
I gather them.
Yet another year awaits;
I see the light in the distant horizon,
The beginning of a new dawn.
Hopes, promises, do I have them?
Or do I still pine for something
from the chest of yore?
The charm of yesteryears
Left far behind,
Hidden somewhere in the nooks and crannies
Of that winding road.
The dew-like freshness,
The innocence of childish giggles,
Story times that made me dream,
Lazy summer vacations,
The crazy moments of college days
with not a care in the world.
Can I go back?
A knock jolts me.
Turning around, I hear a voice
Asking me to look beyond.
The bluer skies,
The greener fields,
The merrier tunes,
The brighter hues of the newer blooms,
The rosier faces that beamingly greet
Still beckon out to me with open arms.
Shall I embrace them?
The old has its treasured place, I reflect
And so does the new.
I pace up my steps
To welcome them all.
The smiles, the sunshine, the hopes, the promises
Of yet another new year!



  1. Wonderful Rashmi ba, thoughts very nicely expressed. Even I was telling some of my childhood memories to my boy. He seemed very amused.

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