The Modern Man

Photo by A Little & Tiny Man from Pexels

Rising up from a sleepy earth
Jammed with worries
that flood the banks:
this and that and many more.
The gray strands getting grayer
by the day,
At the crossing of thirty and five
Stands the child that metamorphosed
over the years.
Plunging into the rat race,
the social milieu,
the office grind,
climbing up the steps,
perhaps two at a time.
Sweat and toil that make his hours.
Trophies on the mantelpiece,
with a yearning for more.
The stocks and bonds
weaving the fabric of his core.
Sweet slumbers ebbed long ago,
Nature’s bounties now only a distant cry.
There emerges the diminished sparkle
of those hazel eyes.
Snapped violin chords,
Melodies long forgotten,
Verses penned lie in the dusty heap,
Family reunions seem only a fading dream.
A stoic being
And a puzzle that looms large.
Can the summer showers, the childhood sweetheart
still make him smile?
For he is now the modern man!


  1. Rashmi dear , what a gorgeous piece ! So sweet , so touchy and yet melodious ! Your writing always makes my subtle mind roam in the wilderness . Keep me awake and keep me alive in the world of literature !!!

  2. This is beautiful! Kudos to your persistent efforts, you are getting better with each write-up 🙂 I guess this is the third year of your blog, congratulations!

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