Infinite Space

Photo by Nicole Avagliano from Pexels

At the fag end of the day,
a thought surmounts.
If I were to still believe
in the story you told me
years ago,
I know you look at me
from that infinite space.
Wrapped in darkness
in the stillness of the night,
when I miss my steps,
I know you hold me
before I falter and fall.
The moments frozen,
I wander back
now and then
to the quiet retreat
of my mind,
to be your princess
once again.
We live our moments;
you make me laugh,
as we walk hand in hand,
wishing the times to
never end.
The beads of sweat
I envisioned on your brow,
When in that heat
you had ventured out,
to indulge me with those treats,
sweet and soft.
I had never asked
but wished for them,
and you surmised.
I read that joy on your face,
the other day,
when I shared
those tidings, glad.
Wiping off my tears,
you showed the lighted rays.
The pearls of assurance
came pouring in,
telling me I’ll never fail.
Lead me on, guide me,
Keep me safe,
warm in the blanket
of fatherly love.
For although the world I know
has ceased to catch
a glimpse of you
in the void,
I see you still
in that infinite space.


  1. Beautiful Rashmi. Very touching. Believing that our parted loved ones are watching and praying for us gives us strength to live our life.

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