Sweet, Sour, Or Bitter: Keep the Humor😊Alive!

“Marriages are made in Heaven,” goes the saying. If you consider this a hyperbole, at least accept that they are made on Earth. Life offers a mixed package, and marriage certainly does too! The honeymoon phase does not last forever, and annoyance is a part of the relationship.There are those moments when it does not make sense how the simplest things on this earth become the most complex concepts for your better half. You wonder if you have to be a teacher throughout your life.

Each family is unique, yet with all the differences, there are still similarities. Over conversations and interactions that I have had with women across all age groups, we ended up making common observations about our husbands.

I usually like to put a disclaimer whenever I write about human behavior because it is improper to generalize. The purpose of this post is to just facilitate a few humorous moments and nothing else because humor eases stress. There is no malice directed towards anybody.

Most wives agree that their husbands are stringent with their compliments

We all need to practice frugality, but most husbands are way too miserly when it comes to praising their wives.

At a wedding reception recently, the father of the groom referred to his wife in his speech as “my beautiful wife”. All the ladies seated at my table immediately looked at their husbands. The message conveyed was crystal clear: “Learn something from him!”

They can never find things and need directions

Be it a house where they have lived for decades or a supermarket that they have gone to countless times, it is hard for the men to locate things.

You may want to give a list of things to your husband to pick up from the store. The easier route, however, is to go grocery shopping yourself rather than getting phone calls and text messages, one after another, asking for your help to find stuff. 

In one’s own home, they do not observe where things are kept. Like Google’s voice assistant, I prefer giving directions like “turn left, go right” to get things at one go, even when it comes to searching a small 10 feet by 5.5 feet closet! It is definitely faster!

Household chores are way too difficult to manage! 

Simple tasks that wives effortlessly do every day seem like rocket science to husbands. A friend once shared a very interesting story. She got COVID, and her husband was in charge of the kitchen and was taking care of her.

A couple of days later, he announces in excitement, “I too tested positive for COVID!”. Isn’t the reason for the thrill obvious? It reads as: “The infection cannot be passed on to me anymore, so let’s work in the kitchen together!”

Time is precious but that theory is conditional

Women take longer in getting dressed as they need to take care of the finest of details. Men somehow do not understand that part. So if it is you who is responsible for running late for an invitation, you will get to hear about the value and importance of time. 

I once heard about a husband who goes to the extent of getting into the car, sitting behind the steering wheel, and then honking for the wife to get out soon!

Well the rule changes if your man gets delayed for some reason! You will be comforted: “Don’t worry, it’s not that late! We will make it.”

Keep your expectations very low during a weekend game!

A game and a weekend are indeed a deadly combo if your man loves sports and you are not as crazy about them. On those days, he will certainly ditch you for the television as his favorite companion. Almost everything that you say will go unheard, and the minutest of chores in the house will be left undone until the game is over. Meals served on the table will have to be reheated if the last few overs of a cricket match are going on. The world may fall apart, but that pair of eyes will be glued onto the TV!

God is omnipresent, husbands think they are omniscient

Our spouses claim to know everything. When you go wrong on a decision that you have made, there comes the inevitable volley of words “I thought so” or “I told you so”! 

I have written about this situation in an earlier article and even in my book of anecdotes. So my husband is a little embarrassed to use that statement and has come up with a better and more refined version: “That was what I was afraid of”.

The mantra of life: “Keep your sense of humor alive in a marriage!”

Life is too big, and these irritations that you may have with your spouse are just dots on the canvas. Nurturing a good sense of humor is indeed vital. Down the years, you will look back with fondness at these incidents, and they will warm your hearts.

I love these quotes on marriage from the former President and First Lady of the United States.

Michelle Obama intelligently summarized: “Because I always say, if you’re married for 50 years and 10 of them are horrible, you’re doing really good!”

I was impressed by Barack Obama’s fine sense of humor when he said, “After about 15 years, I finally figured out that she’s always right. So surprisingly, we just stopped fighting after that.” 

So here’s a toast to enjoying the sweet, ignoring the sour, and forgetting the bitter in order to have a truly edible experience of marriage!

(This article was published as a featured post in Women’s Web )

(Image Source: TransStudios Photography & Video via Pexels)


  1. Had a good laugh with your husband’s new line ” That was what I was afraid of ” 😀 My husband used to go sit in the car and honk too. When I mentioned it to my friend she said tell him to stop being so horny 😀 Sorry for the adult joke 😅
    Good article Rashmi 👍

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