The Pungent Smell

                              Traversing the miles,uprooting from that … More

Thoughts of Love

In just five days, the glitz, the grandeur, the celebration will grace Mother’s Day. I believe we do not have … More

The Stories She Tells

The azure sky changedinto a garment of orangish-redas the sun setting in the horizonmutely signaled the end of the day. … More

Again, After the Rains

They have a plan in place, in tune with Nature’s varied moods, and follow a ritual, I often wondered why. … More

Thoughts Unbound

The loud rhythm of the falling rainawakens me,as I lie in bed in the wee hours,warmly snuggled,engulfed in the tranquillityof … More

Autumn Bliss

The crunchy red leaves, the rustling breeze beckon to me as I lazily lie, ensconced in the silence of a … More

Morning Glory

Opening the blindsof the kitchen window,looking out into the yard,I let the golden rays bathe my spaceas the story unfolds.A … More

Loving Thoughts

Invisible to the naked eyeLovingly nestled in the chambersof my heart,I have preserved those yarns.The strands that strongly bindthe pearls … More

The Modern Man

Rising up from a sleepy earthJammed with worriesthat flood the banks:this and that and many more.The gray strands getting grayerby … More