The Pungent Smell

Traversing the miles, uprooting from that distant village, he barely thinks about them all till a pungent smell brings back those years, all the same, once again. Playing one after another, the scenes zoom in his mind’s eye, never seeming to stop. A paradox towers; albeit sweet musings, they only make him see his wretched self. Moments dipped in dewey-fresh innocence carried fragrant hopes when … Continue reading The Pungent Smell

Thoughts of Love

In just five days, the glitz, the grandeur, the celebration will grace Mother’s Day. I believe we do not have to wait till then to honor our mothers. For all what they do for us, the invaluable role that they play in the family, and the sacrifices they make to keep the merry notes playing in our lives, EVERY DAY is actually a Mother’s Day! … Continue reading Thoughts of Love

The Stories She Tells

The azure sky changedinto a garment of orangish-redas the sun setting in the horizonmutely signaled the end of the day. The dogwood blossoms fell to the ground,spreading a white carpet around the trunk.They planned to exit in silence,to come back again the next year. To adorn the garden,the rose buds bloomed overnight,not declaringtheir transition to the flowering state.And yet, all saw the change. With roving … Continue reading The Stories She Tells

Again, After the Rains

They have a plan in place, in tune with Nature’s varied moods, and follow a ritual, I often wondered why. Droplets streamed down the window panes, the remnants from the showers, of the night before. Dark clouds enveloped the sky. The chill, the silence, the wet ground defined the dull, gray morning. With a dampened vibe, I nurtured a wish in vain for the sun … Continue reading Again, After the Rains

Thoughts Unbound

The loud rhythm of the falling rain awakens me, as I lie in bed in the wee hours, warmly snuggled, engulfed in the tranquillity of a December morning. Folks at home in deep slumber, The sun’s yet to rise. A new realization bounces upon me. Racing fast, the year has almost reached the finish line. It’s time to perform my regular ritual, to look back … Continue reading Thoughts Unbound

Autumn Bliss

The crunchy red leaves, the rustling breeze beckon to me as I lazily lie, ensconced in the silence of a fall afternoon. My constant companion stubbornly refuses to leave my side. Soulful melodies from a legend gone long ago drown our ears. In candid confidence, we make a promise to traverse the miles, ten thousand and more, to random places here and there. Our silent … Continue reading Autumn Bliss

Morning Glory

Opening the blindsof the kitchen window,looking out into the yard,I let the golden rays bathe my spaceas the story unfolds.A lady dressed in red and greenposes in joie de vivre.She’s Camellia in full bloom.In their white, spotless attirecaressed by the morning breeze,stand the cherry blossomsblending beautifully against the canopyof the azure skies.I see the bluebird, hopping from one branchto the next, in that bare tree.It … Continue reading Morning Glory

Loving Thoughts

Invisible to the naked eye Lovingly nestled in the chambers of my heart, I have preserved those yarns. The strands that strongly bind the pearls of those precious times. Safely have I guarded them, I cannot let go those bits and pieces soaked in joy, the sweetness of that bond. For I know they are the only remnants I can cling on to. Seems just … Continue reading Loving Thoughts

The Modern Man

Rising up from a sleepy earth Jammed with worries that flood the banks: this and that and many more. The gray strands getting grayer by the day, At the crossing of thirty and five Stands the child that metamorphosed over the years. Plunging into the rat race, the social milieu, the office grind, climbing up the steps, perhaps two at a time. Sweat and toil … Continue reading The Modern Man